F.I.S is an innovative property management staffing services company that understands that customer service is taken for granted these days and many companies have lost sight of what is important. Our clients want to know that they can rely on us to provide professional associates who will exceed their expectations.

Our corporate objective and resulting management philosophy is focused on providing individual clients with a service that is well supervised and closely managed.

Within F.I.S, all organizational lines lead to the most important person in our organization  - you, our client. The cornerstone of our operational strategy is ensuring a close relationship between the client and our operations staff.
  • Your account will be placed under the management of our customer service team, with a dedicated area manager monitoring the onsite performance and holding regularly scheduled meetings with your representative
  • This helps F.I.S to ensure that the line of communications between F.I.S and your company is constantly open and the service F.I.S is providing meets or exceeds your expectation. .
Excellence in Customer Service.
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